To all of you interested in volunteering…THANK YOU! This festival could not be made possible without the help of all of our wonderful VOLUNTEERS. These are customer service positions where we will all be promoting Oswego Harborfest, the City of Oswego, and even Oswego County! Remember to put on a smile, be friendly, and HAVE FUN!

Goals & Objectives:

To provide a positive experience with mutual benefits to both the volunteer and the festival.
This Position Reports To: As directed by individual task description.


Minimum 4-hour shifts for most festival positions. Other positions will be scheduled through the Volunteer office based on the needs of the requestor.

Festival scheduling is based on request, first come, first served. Every attempt will be made to match skills to the appropriate volunteer job task at times that are acceptable to the volunteer and the organization.

If you CANNOT make your scheduled shift, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible.

There are a variety of volunteer positions that may be available throughout the year—committee membership, office helper, Halfway to Harborfest, and others.

All volunteers must attend orientation training and position-specific training. All will receive training related to emergency plans including emergency reporting procedures, fire escape, equipment, evacuation routes, etc.

Teens under the age of 16 must have parental/guardian permission signed on their Volunteer Registration Form. On a case by case basis, depending on the job task and former Harborfest experience, teen volunteers may be able to work a task without direct adult supervision. This will be determined based on interview, discussions, and other feedback.


You represent everything that is positive about Oswego and the surrounding area! Please be professional and positive and SMILE ☺.


Keeping the parks safe, clean, and neat at all times is the job of all volunteers. This helps keep our community beautiful and presents our best face to visitors and local folks alike.
Wash off all tables in the picnic areas with bleach & water as needed.
When trash bags are full, remove and replace with new bag.
Keep grounds picked up.
Know where to pick up and drop off equipment, supplies and tools.