Shuttle Attendant


Goals & Objectives:
To provide information about Harborfest activities and the surrounding community while patrons enjoy transportation on a shuttle.

This Position Reports To:
Shuttle Attendants are scheduled by and report to the Shuttle Liaison in the Volunteer Office. Shuttle transportation is coordinated through a Transportation Coordinator via an East & West Side Director.

Hours Required:
Shuttle Attendants sign up for specific 4hr shifts.

Job Tasks:
Assist with Shuttle button sales. Shuttle Buttons are $3.00 each (one button is good for the entire weekend).
Assist people entering/exiting the shuttle.
Check each passenger for proper shuttle access button.
Do not grant access without proper authorization.
Answer questions about Harborfest (program provided).
Be friendly, helpful, courteous, and calm but firm.
Inform driver of any problems, such as sickness, injury, or unacceptable public behavior.
Report any incidents to the East or West Side Shuttle Manager.

Skills, Personal Attributes Or Special Training Required:
Must be able to ADD and SUBTRACT to make change
Must be able to communicate clearly verbally.
Able to work with a variety of groups and individuals.
Must be knowledgeable of Harborfest activities and general park layouts. (Maps will be provided.)
Be able to get on and off the shuttle at each stop.*
Be able to lift 30lbs**
Be able to rule with an iron fist!

Ability to navigate stairs is necessary.
To aid visitors on/off the shuttles with strollers, merchandise, wheelchairs, etc.