Parking Attendant

Goals & Objectives:
The parking attendant provides general assistance in directing motorists to authorized parking areas to ensure effective traffic management.

This Position Reports To:
Parking Attendants take their direction from the Volunteer Coordinator or Park Manager.

Hours Required:
The parking attendant signs up for a specific volunteer shift.

Job Tasks:
Assist motorists in restricted and official festival parking lots.
Provide general assistance in directing visitors to parking spots.
Report any accidents or emergencies to the Park Manager or Volunteer Coordinator.
DO NOT tell anyone it is okay to park in the street. They WILL be TOWED.

Skills, Personal Attributes Or Special Training Required:
Must be flexible and have a good sense of humor.
Able to communicate clearly verbally.
Able to work with a variety of groups and individuals.
Must be knowledgeable of Harborfest activities and be familiar with general park layouts.
Be able to stand for 4 hours at a time.
Rain gear and safety vest will be provided.