Park Crew

Goals & Objectives:
The Park Crew volunteer is responsible for assisting the Park Manager to attain goals for each specific park and may be asked to perform a wide variety of tasks.

This Position Reports To:
Park Crew operates under the direction of the Park Manager.

Hours Required:
Volunteers sign up for specific shifts and should report 10 minutes before their scheduled shift.

Job Tasks:
Maintain park and venue areas safe, clean and neat at all times. This may involve rearranging seating areas, wiping down chairs and tables, and picking up trash, as required.
Ensure park signage is available and properly posted.
Assist the Park Manager as requested.

Skills, Personal Attributes Or Special Training Required:
Must be able to communicate clearly both verbally and written.
Able to work with a variety of groups and individuals.
Must be knowledgeable of Harborfest activities.
Must be familiar with park layout.