Information Center Volunteer


Goals & Objectives:
The purpose of the center is to:
Answer questions and give directions to visitors
Distribute lost child (parent) tags
Check in/out volunteers working in the park
Receive lost and found items
Assist Park Managers with various tasks if able to do so.

This Position Reports To:
The Information Center volunteer reports to the Park Management/Information Booth in the park scheduled to each specific volunteer.

Hours Required:
The Information Center volunteer signs up for a specific shift.

Job Tasks:
Answer questions and give directions to visitors:
Familiarize yourself with the job description sheet handed out to all volunteers at the training sessions. This contains important information about park hours, emergency numbers, etc.
Before arriving for your shift, take a walk around your assigned park and become familiar with the locations of the various venues, restrooms, trolley stops, etc. Try to arrive 10 minutes before your shift begins. Familiarize yourself with the Harborfest program so you can answer questions about entertainment schedules. Ask the person you are relieving to brief you on anything you should know about what happened during his/her shift.
Distribute lost child (parent) tags:
Make sure the parent fills out tags at the table. The parent should write his/her name, NOT the child’s name on the tag.
Deal with “lost adults”. There is no such thing as a lost child…the child knows where they are…it’s the adult who is missing!
In the event of a lost child, you must contact the Park Manager who will then notify the police department. In the meantime, comfort the child. There are coloring books and crayons available in the tent.

Check in/out for Volunteers:
Volunteers for each park sign in and out at this center.
A binder containing the names and shifts of the volunteers is available at the table.

First Aid/Emergency Medical Service:
If there is a medical problem refer the patient to an EMT, if there is one available in your park. If your park does not have an EMT on site, you need to contact the park manager or the main office using the portable radio.
Volunteers may dispense bandages and ice to patients for individual use. We CANNOT apply anything directly to anyone.

Privacy for parents to change babies or breastfeed:
This is usually done in the medical area.

Receive lost and found items:
Hold items until claimed or at end of day forward to volunteer office.
Drinks will be available at this tent for volunteers.

You are representing everything that is positive about Oswego!

Skills, Personal Attributes Or Special Training Required:
Must be flexible and have a good sense of humor.
Able to communicate clearly verbally and in writing.
Able to work with a variety of groups and individuals.
Must be knowledgeable of Harborfest activities.