“Friends of the Festival”

Barbara B. McCormack
Marta Santiago
Dennis & Mary Cay Donovan
Big John Sales Inc.
Margaret Mahaney
Chena Tucker
Tom & Mary Ellen Nawn
Courtney Radick
Jo Jones
Murphy’s Automotive Solutions
Stanley & Sally Cienava
Lisa & Caroline Gray
Edgar & Barbara Manwaring
Melissa Manwaring
Joe & Patty Garafolo
Barb & Doug Buske
John & Barbara Sharkey
Robert & Christina Close
Doug & Barb Buske
Nelson Funeral Home
Janice Pelow
Lombardo’s Bridie Manor
Nola Heidlebaugh & Fritz Messere
St. Mary’s of the Assumption Church
Classic Styles Salon
Vona’s Restaurant
Pet Mitchelson
Patricia Zagers
Elaine M. Best
Bill & Carol Foley
Bruce, Shirley and Melissa Turner
Beth Hallinan
David and Diane Welsch and Family
Mikey, Downtown Mayor
Dave and Lin Davis
Oswego County Sheriff Reuel A. Todd
Gerre McPherson
Jennifer Banta
M.W. Stephano
Peg and Mac McKinstry
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mather
Nancy Powers
Randy and Donna Miles
Patty Reynolds
Ceil Bell-Kelmenz
Diane Lowery
Cherryl A. Grant
Margaret R. Maniccia
R.J. Caruso Tax Accounting
Joan and Mike Redding
Philip Purvis
Pat Maxon
Mimi’s Drive In
Joyce Ferlito
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Sullivan
Canale Insurance and Accounting
Harbor Eye Associates
Peg and Meg McKinstry
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mather
Blue Moon Grill
Nancy Powers
Randy and Donna Miles
Patty Reynolds
Ceil Bell-Klemenz
Natalie Sturr
Anthony and Kathy Joseph
Jean M. DeSantis
Jeanne and Orville Byrne
James and Carol Dillabough
Carl and Terry Patrick
Fred and Theresa LePine
Nancy Dowd
Jeffrey Lok
A.J. Combs
Dennis and Doren Norfleet
Bosco & Geers Food Market
Gurdeep and Richard Skolnik
Fran Young
Tom and Joanne Johnson
Donald and Sally Dowd
Don and Mary Vanouse
Martha and Terry Hammill
Pudge and Sue Batchelor
Michelle, Kellie and Kids
Thomas and Gloria Calderone
Mary Smith
Larry and Mary Lou Heintz
Donald and Maureen Feck
Marilyn A. McMillen
Paura’s Liquor Store
John Woods
Alexandra Ackerman
Matt Chetney
Bob and Barb Sugar
Sharon Noel
Mrs. Margaret Falise
Marion Duplessis
Gen Loughrey
Susan P. Downey
Maria Conzone
Gregory Dufore
John and Shirley Conley
Peter Reidy
Marilynn J. Smiley
Tom and Mary Restuccio
Michael and JoAnne Segretto
Jane E. Wright
Helen M. Breitbeck
David and Mary Roman
Charlie and Denise O’Connor
Barbara J. Handley-Place
Jim and Juanita Tschudy
Dr. Ernest Mears, Dentist
William and Cynthia Fatiga
Eva Briggs
James and Karen Metcalf
Arlene and Larry Spizman
Daniel and Mary Stergius
Carol and Gary Fox
Dr. Vilma Junio (supporting emergency services)
Mary Lue Ferguson
Dowdle Funeral Home

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