Antique Vendor Application

Started in 1988 as a small, community dream, Harborfest has grown to be named a five-time Top 100 Event in North America by the American Bus Association. The Festival features free musical entertainment and attractions in several venues throughout the City of Oswego. The weekend also features talented artists and crafts people, children’s activities, nautical events, international cuisine, a midway, and the festival’s memorable centerpiece – one of the most spectacular fireworks displays in the Northeast.

Harborfest is offering Antique Vendors the opportunity to showcase their items to nearly 125,000 people who attend this event. The Antique Vendors will be situated on River Walk East, behind the Best Western/Quality Inn Hotels and will be open Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Across the river on River Walk West there will be entertainment on the Veteran’s Stage as well as a Jet Ski Show. Music will be heard and the Jet Ski Show will be visible from River Walk East.

The Harborfest Vendor Committee will review all applications. Application to be an Antique Vendor does not guarantee acceptance. Harborfest reserves the right to decline any vendor for any reason. All vendors accepted into the festival will receive a Vendor Agreement. Review of applications begins when applications are received and continues until all sites are filled.

APPLICATION FEE: n$25 (non-refundable)
BOOTH FEES: (15 x 10 Booth) $150; (20 x 10 Booth) $175 – “SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER”
MISCELLANEOUS FEES (if applicable): Tent 10 x 10 ($276, $243 without lights), 6’ Table ($9), Chairs ($2), Electricity ($25 per 20 amps, duplex outlet) Insurance ($80)
PAYMENT SCHEDULE All fees are to be included with the application. If paying with check, submit two checks: Application fee & Booth/miscellaneous fees. Checks should be made payable to Oswego Harbor Festivals, Inc. There will be a service fee of $25 for any returned checks.

The booth/miscellaneous fee will only be processed if the Vendor is accepted. If the Vendor is not accepted, the booth/miscellaneous fee check will be returned. If paying with credit card, the application fee will be processed immediately and the booth/miscellaneous fee will only be processed if the vendor is accepted.

Festival Regulations

  1. Vendors must abide by the regulations as set forth in the application. Vendors who do not display and/or sell items submitted with their application will be asked to leave. If asked to leave the festival, a Vendor will forfeit the booth fee. Harborfest will not be liable for lost profits or consequential or incidental damages including, but not limited to travel, lodging, insurance or wages.
  2. Vendors must be set up by the time their assigned venue opens each day (subject to change) and remain open until the specified closing times unless notified by Festival officials. Vendors will be provided with exact times by July 1, 2016.
  3. No specific booth locations are guaranteed and prior participation in the festival does not guarantee space in the 2016 festival.
  4. Booth spaces are based on 15’ wide by 10’ deep or 20’ wide by 10’ deep with vending from the front and sides only. Vendors and their belongings must stay within these boundaries. Booth spaces cannot be sublet or reassigned. If more space is required, please indicate the exact size of your booth and you will receive a booth cost based on your actual size. Each booth will be measured upon completion of set up; if booth is larger than originally indicated, you will be up charged for additional area.
  5. All booths should be secure and stable in construction. Electricity is not guaranteed, and fees are charged if electricity is provided.
  6. Harborfest requests vendors to provide their own tents (preferably white), tables, and chairs. However, they can be rented from Harborfest for an additional fee. Selling from trucks, vans, or trailers is not permitted without pre-approval from Harborfest.
  7. Display booths and items left in place before, during or after the show hours are the full responsibility of the Vendor. Standard public security will be provided.
  8. Set up and display materials are Vendor’s responsibility. Controlled vehicle access will be allowed ONLY at designated set-up times. NO vehicles are allowed in venues or on site during the festival operating hours. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. Vendors must be registered with the State of New York and are required to display “NYS Sales Tax Certificate” in booth at all times. Vendors are responsible for collection and payment of the appropriate NYS sales tax (8%). If you need a NYS Tax certificate Contact: State of New York Tax ID Information (518) 485-2889 or Vendors must provide a copy of NYS Sales Tax Certificate with their application.
  10. Vendor must provide Certificate of Insurance naming Oswego Harbor Festivals, Inc., Harbor Festivals Guild and the City of Oswego as additional insured under the following guidelines: maintain general liability insurance written on an occurrence basis for itself at the festival with combined single limit bodily injury and property damage coverage of not less than $1,000,000. If you do not have insurance, you may purchase through Harborfest for $80.
  11. Harborfest is not responsible for any damage, loss of personal property, personal injury or accidents involving Vendor and his/her personnel. Vendors indemnify and agree to hold Harborfest harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, demands, lawsuits, costs, penalties, expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) and judgments due to breach of this agreement by Vendors or their personnel.
  12. Music played by vendors or PA systems used by vendors must not interfere with other vendors or stages. Music is not permitted while the stages are operating.
  13. Harborfest personnel must authorize early withdrawal from the event.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If written notification is received by May 31, 2016, booth/miscellaneous fee will be refunded.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE Complete application and return to Harborfest with the following items: □ Two Checks ($25 application fee & Booth/ Miscellaneous fees) □ Copy of NYS Sales Tax Certificate (Booth will not be allowed to open without) □ Copy of valid photo ID □ If requesting electricity include a list of electrical devices to be utilized and electrical requirements □ Images of artwork to be sold and booth display containing artwork Mail completed application to: Oswego Harbor Festivals, Inc. 41 Lake Street Oswego, NY 13126 (315) 342-7113 (315) 343-7390 (fax)

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ANTIQUE VENDOR at Oswego Harborfest 2016! Please fill out the Antique Vendor Application and return it to us.